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      CJC is certified as GMC Manufacturer

      CJC Electric Certified by GMC on Sep 28th, 2012, was awarded Global Manufacturer Certificate(GMC).
      GMC is a standard established by GlobalMarket Group to identify and certify high-quality China Manufacturers..


       CJC: Cooperate with university to help employees for further education

      On Aug, 2012, CJC Appliances has built the cooperation relationship with Hunan University of Commerce.

      This project aims to provide CJC employees such an oppurtunity  to learn, to improve theirselves, to be rewarded higher  education degree. "CJC is not only a company to do business, but also a company which should bear the society responsibility"   said from Liu, the CEO of CJC company. Liu always pay great attention to staff welfare, such as, he introduces a policy that for the workers who owns a colleage degree, CJC Company will pay for the additional 10 yuan per day to him, as the reward for his parents' assiduous cultivation. 

      So for this cooperation projects, CJC company also makes the encouraging policies...   

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      CJC Latest Project: Wind Generator

      Small size, simple design, perfect performance, specially could run in low wind speed… CJC Motor always devotes to making new progress, and this is the latest project of new designed WIND GENERATOR. It is developed by CJC Research & Development department, the professional developing team.

      This generator fully uses lift and dragging force, easily produces rated power at low wind speed. 3 Phase Permanent Magnet AC Generator, direct driven, no gearbox, and not need windward. 

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